Spares & Accessories

SD-1L & SD-2L Spares:
Piston cylinder, Injection hoses, Connectors, etc.

Injection Packers:
Metal Expandable Type
10 mm Ø x 64 mm length10 mm Ø x 100 mm length10 mm Ø x 150 mm length13 mm Ø x 70 mm length
Friction fit (Hammer-in) Type8 mm Ø x 55 mm length10 mm Ø x 64 mm length

Other diameters and lengths available on specific order.

Surface Mounted Injection Ports:
Polycarbonate surface-adhered ports for high-pressure non-intrusive crack injection.

Auto injectors:
PVC surface-adhered ports with auto injectors for low-pressure multi-port crack injections.